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Apostle Allen H. Simmons is a native of Summerville, South Carolina (one of the suburbs of Charleston). After graduating from Alston High School in Summerville, he continued his formal education at Cornell University Medical College and the Manhattan Bible Institute in New York City. He also did continue his education at Hunter College in NYC and the Medical University of South Carolina. Apostle Simmons received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from New Life Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina, in May 2001 and His Excellence Theological Seminary, Newburgh, NY, in October 2007. Apostle Simmons, being called to the ministry at an early age, has served in various capacities of ministry: Minister of Music, Deacon, Minister, Pastor, Elder, and Presiding Elder. He has pastored along the Eastern Seaboard in the Fire Baptized Holiness Churches of God under the late Bishop W. E. Fuller Jr., from Upstate New York and Pennsylvania to South Carolina. He has more than thirty-five years of pastoral expertise. In 1994, with more than twenty-five years of Pastoral experience, he was elevated to the Bishopric and consecrated a Bishop in the Sounds of Praise Pentecostal Fellowship Ministries, Inc. under the leadership of the late Bishop Nathaniel Simmons, founder of the Sounds of Praise Pentecostal Fellowship Ministries, worldwide.


In October 2010, Apostle Simmons, under the divine unction of the Holy Ghost, released the vision God gave to him as it pertains to his office in the Lord’s church, to the elevation of Apostle. In that same month, Apostolic Affirmation was bestowed upon him. This man of God has made his life a testament of servitude to the work of ministry. He is a steadfast defender of the faith and a protector of the flock of God. Apostle Simmons is currently the International Presiding Prelate of the Sounds of Praise Fellowship Ministries and serves as the Chairman of the  Executive Board of Bishops.
This Apostolic role of Kingdom building comes from having served as Senior Pastor of the Greater New Bethel Sounds of Praise Church located in Summerville, SC, for over 28 years, where lives have been changed and completely transformed, to and for the Glory of the Almighty God, through his remarkable leadership and sound biblical teaching. He is active in the community and civic organizations, presenting God’s greatness in every avenue of secular interaction. As God’s ambassador, he reflects the limitless glories of the Kingdom while demonstrating God’s love through his lifestyle. He walks in dominion and authority and does not carry the title of ‘Apostle’ as a badge of honor but as a noble representative with manifested works of an Apostle.
His behavior is characterized by discipline, excellence, and integrity, as he resembles Christ. His love for the Kingdom is revealed through his compassion and concern for the body, as expressed in a conversation between those who closely surround him and those who observe him from a distance.

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